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【CCID】China Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Market Analysis Report

The report analyzes the current situation of China's ECM market, elaborates from the perspective of China's ECM market size, driving force and competition, and makes a forecast analysis of the ECM market outlook in China for the next three years.

作者:admin 來源:未知 | 2017-07-27

Chapter 1:  Enterprise Content Management Introduction

Summary: ECM helps enterprises acquire, manage, store, protect, present data related to the organization's processes, and facilitate the transformation of unstructured data into structured data.Tap and amplify content values through sharing, retrieving, analyzing content of enterprise. And ultimately gain business insight and long-term competitive advantage. With the full upgrade of information technology, many organizations focus not only on content management, but also on how to use content to help business’s processes to further improve productivity and how to exploit data values for business insight and value.

Chapter 2:  Market Size and Driving Force of China ECM Industry

Summary:In recent years, Cloud computing, Internet of things, Mobile Internet, Big Data and other new technologies fast develop , business models and service innovation keep emerging, the hard disk of the software increasingly blurred boundaries, the form and substance of content are still developing and evoluting ECM connotation and extension also continue to change and improve, Cloud Service, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence has become a new trend in the industry.

ECM systems are part of the enterprise management software market segment. CCID, based on the past five years of statistical survey, makes a specific comparative analysis of the data from the development of the Chinese enterprise management software market segment .

Chapter 3:  Competition Analysis of China ECM Industry

Summary:As the ECM industry becomes a hot market, more and more enterprises are pouring into the ECM field, product features are more detailed, according to the scope of product coverage, ECM Products can be divided into three levels: basic applications, solution applications, platform-level applications.

Chapter 4:  Future of China ECM Industry

Summary: By the strong demand in the market, the ECM software market will maintain its rapid growth in the next five years as the largest share of the content management market.

And the demand for the ECM platform-level application market will be concentrated in the next few years with the demand for unstructured data processing, the continuous development of advanced technology and the continuous growth of local enterprises.

ECM platform-level application of the market share of the overall content of the enterprise management will also increase year by year.

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